Learn More About Sustainability From the Best Green Living Podcasts in the Genre

You do everything to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle, from recycling and composting to conserving energy and water. Yet, you’re constantly wondering if you’re doing right by the environment – or curious as to if you can do more than you’re already doing. If the following description rings a bell for you on a personal level, we recommend giving any one of these green living podcasts below a listen. Not only will they help you be more environmentally conscious, but they will also keep you up-to-speed on recent environmental concerns, so you never feel out of the loop! To get started, check out the list of recommendations we’ve compiled below.

Green Dreamer

Hosted by Kaméa Chayne, a leader in the ethical and sustainable living space, Green Dreamer features interviews with other visionaries in the space. Perfect for those pursuing more environmentally conscious work and lifestyles, this podcast will inspire you to start that passion project that's been on your mind. Her guests include The Good Trade's co-founder, AmyAnn Cadwell, and other noteworthy entrepreneurs and influencers like Bea Johnson, Tara Mackey, Agnes Muljadi, and more. We love her thoughtful approach to spreading the word about sustainability!

The Green Divas

This one is for all the green divas and dudes in the world. Yep, that’s right—we have found a podcast specifically for you. The Green Divas, a weekly show, is committed to approaching green issues in a humorous and low-stress way. Hosted by the first-ever Green Diva, Megan McWilliams, the podcast covers current events, interviews, green living tips, and environmental concerns, and more. It’s definitely one you won’t want to miss out on, if you’re concerned about living more sustainably!

Conscious Chatter

Conscious Chatter is a podcast committed to discussing sustainable fashion, style, and the global garment supply chain. Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, a long-time advocate for sustainability and explorer of the ethical fashion space, Conscious Chatter is about cultivating conversation and asking tough questions, such as: Where are my clothes made? What are they made of? And most importantly, who made them? Listeners can expect to hear from experts and change-makers in the industry, including Marci Zaroff, Javier Goyeneche, and Christy Dawn.

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