Tap Into Your Creative Side Just In Time for Your Next Art Project

If you consider yourself to be a creative person, you’ll more often than not find yourself struggling to tap into that much-desired “creative side.” Try as you may, try as you might – mental blocks are common for artists of all kinds. This is becoming especially prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic, with 59 percent of Americans feeling that COVID-19 is having a serious impact on their lives.

Admittedly, it can make creative feel even more down in the dumps when their creative work is stifled or suppressed. So, how can you nurture your creativity daily and help yourself to be successful once more? Check out our 3 tips to help you better tap into your creative side!

Keep a Journal.

Not only are journals great for self-care, but they also come handy in the creative process. Journaling allows us to express ourselves, gain clarity, and develop new ideas. Consider free-writing in your journal, and don’t worry about edits or revisions! This is the one place where you can feel encouraged to let it all out and improvise your flow, structure, and more. You will increase your confidence, eliminate self-doubt, and even be able to come up with a few innovative thoughts in the process.

Spend Time Outside.

Right now, the outdoors is one of the safest places you can be, according to disease experts and medical professionals. Take your journal outdoors with you – or, perhaps even a sketchpad if you believe drawing is a more effective way to exercise your creative mind. The lush green surroundings and Vitamin D from the sunlight will help you feel your best, and therefore, potentially your most creative. Try the nearby park, or even your private patio or balcony to get that fresh air you need.

Get Moving.

With quarantine extending into its soon-to-be seventh month, it’s no secret many of us have become increasingly sedentary in 2020. And, hey, there’s no shame in that – but, at some point, you’ll have to get back into your normal fitness routine and become a little more active once more. Whether you take a walk through the neighborhood or sign-up for a virtual (or socially distanced) workout class, new ideas will surface on your creative projects once you get your blood flowing and endorphins pumping!

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